10 Tips to Beat the Odds at the Casino

One thing everybody knows about a casino is that the house always makes a profit. But there are ways to cheat the system to make sure that the profit does not come out of your pocket. Don’t worry! All the ways are completely legal. Here are our top 10 casino tips.

Casino Tips 1. Look for Clumsy Dealers

Finding out the clumsiest card dealer of the casino who accidentally flashes the card can raise your edge by about 1.5%. Every place is ought to have a sloppy dealer. Look for him and use it to your advantage. This casino tip is probably the least obvious.

Casino Tips 2. Be Alert

Recently, most casinos have become Party Pits. Meaning they have sexed up their tables with live pole dancers and bikini-clad dealers. But basically, these are all just distractions. While you are enjoying the view, you fail to notice that the casino just trimmed the payouts. Thus, keep your eyes on your goal.

Casino Tips 3. Know When to Stop

This applies especially when you are playing Roulette. The house always has more edge in Roulette, and the casino has obviously calculated that. You can win in Roulette. But if you keep on playing it forever, the casino is guaranteed to take away all your money. So if you are winning at the casino, stop playing.

Casino Tips 4. Look for Wear and Tear

Like everything else, casino instruments also suffer from wear and tear. For example, the roulette wheel might become unbalanced or the frets could get worn down. It may happen that an old wheel may become wonky and privilege certain numbers. You can look for such a wheel and bet on the biased numbers.

Casino Tips 5. Play Big on Pokies

Pokie Machines are 2 to 3 times costlier than the table games. If you want to play in a small amount, avoid the slots. For playing pokies, you need to go for slots that cost $5 or more and always play the maximum bet. It will have a lesser house edge. Check our blog on how to win on pokies for more information.

Casino Tips 6. Avoid Keno

Never ever play Keno. This casino game has the highest house edge of 35%. Your chance of winning is negligible! Try online poker games instead.

Casino Tips 7. Practice

Practice makes a man perfect. Video poker has the lowest house edge of about 0.46%. People lose in poker because they don’t have the skill to play. So, brush up your knowledge, learn the game and then play. The payoff is high for experts.

Casino Tips 8. Go to The Boring

Casino amps up the casino games which have the least odds and make them bright and shiny. People who enter the casino get attracted to the brightness and colors of the games and end up losing. So if you want odds in your favor, stick to the dull part of the room.

Casino Tips 9. Track the Time

You must have noticed that no casinos keep any clocks inside. Also, there are no windows. They also prohibit the dealers from wearing watches because they want the players to lose track of time and play as long as possible. So while you are at it, go buy a new timepiece for yourself.

Casino Tips 10. The Drinks

The casinos evaluate your chances of losing and based on that they bring you back an incentive like a free drink. The worse your odds, more your chances of landing a free drink. So always buy your drink.

I am sure these tips will definitely help you a lot in beating the odds at the casino. Now you know the tricks. Go Win!

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