Best Casino Video Slots of 2018

This year is half gone, which makes it a perfect time to mention the Best Casino Video Slots of 2018. We have tested slots which were developed by the most prominent companies, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, etc. Below are slots which have been the most popular in the recent period and the ones that will stay popular till the end of the year.

NetEnt Jumanji Casino Slot

This is merely the best slot game of 2018, and we can say of the near future as well. It has it all a slot game should provide, and it is incredibly appealing to play. We liked the graphics, the symbols and the jackpot. Pair this slot game with bonuses, and you may win big time. The next main reason why we rated Jumanji so high is the fact this game is slightly different than other, slot games, which makes it one of a kind.


Best Casino Video Slots from Playtech Bai Shi Slot

As the name suggests, this game is related to Chinese culture. There are 40 paylines, which is impressive no less. There are well-known symbols, which makes the game already famous and there are two symbols which are entirely different. They are shaking hands (Bai) and the second symbol is a master (Shi). The game comes with 20 free spins, no deposit if you know where to look and it is rich in graphics and sound effects.

Microgaming Cool Wolf

Cool Wolf has been known as one of the Best Slots of 2018 since the early beginning, due to the simple fact it was a favourite game in 2017 as well. The game features cheerleaders, cinemas, etc. The gameplay is based on Hollywood, and it is different than most other games of this kind. You will enjoy five reels and impressive 243 possible combinations to win.


Best Casino Video Slots from Play’n’ GO Book of Dead

Sorry Hugo 2, not this time. We really liked Book of Dead. The game may have a scary name, but it is a charming development which has been among us since 2016. It is a must try and must play the game, so if you haven’t played it, now is the right moment to start. This slot works perfectly on smartphones and tablets and comes with latest graphics.

Best Casino Video Slots from NetEnt Archangels Salvation

The slot game is one of a kind, and it features six reels and 100 possible combinations. The game is based on hell and heaven, and it is a modern development which can generate a massive income for you. Yes, it is still a new game, but we can see that it is gaining popularity as we speak, so shortly this slot game will be even more popular.

The Best Slots of 2018 are here on the list, and you now know all about them. They are the best simply because they offer the latest graphics, high level of user appeal and they are paired with impressive jackpots. All this means that you will have plenty of fun while playing them and you will even earn some money.

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  1. you mention hugi 2 but this was released in 2017. Hotline is a great video slot and Planet of the apes too


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