EggOMatic Video Slot

EggOMatic slot is nothing like you have played or seen before. It is completely new and a unique video slot to the NetEnt family. I am sure that from the name you must have guessed it is related to eggs and chicken somehow. Well, I guessed that too. And the guesswork made me curious about the slot. Read below to find out what I experienced and what I think of the slot game. One this is for sure, it is the kind of game that you simply enjoy watching. Winning and losing becomes immaterial.

EggOMatic Slot

This stunning-looking NetEnt slot game is all about robot chickens, metal eggs, conveyer belt and some battery farm. The game has five metal roosters in blue, brown, pink, red and green colours. It also has five chickens of the same five colours. A big blue wild rooster is the wild symbol of the game. The metal rooster usually arrives shielded with the word “wild’ written on it.


EggOMatic Slot Bonuses

There is no separate bonus game in the EggOMatic slot. But occasionally, the machine on the right keeps on popping eggs which land on the conveyer belt and from there on the rightmost reels. With each spin, the egg moves on the reel on the left and finally disappears from the screen from the leftmost reel. If during this period, the egg lands on the wild rooster, then the rooster cracks up the egg to reward you. The different machine types of eggs: Spreading Wild Egg, Free Spins Egg, Coin Win Egg and Surprise Egg.

• Spreading Wild Egg: As the spreading wild egg lands on the wild chick, all the nearby symbols in the block also turn into wilds. This increases your chances of winning.
• Free Spins Egg: the free spins egg, as the name suggests, triggers free spins. The spins could range from 7 to 50, whatever be the number on the egg. Every free spin pumps out more eggs giving you extra free spins.
• Coin Win Egg: by catching this egg, the bet levels multiply. The number of coins you win depends on the number printed on the egg. This number could be anything from 50 to 2500.
• Surprise Egg: A surprise egg is a random egg which will award you any one of the above eggs.

EggOMatic Video Slot

EggOMatic video slot is excellent. Right from the introductory movie, to the eccentric music to the animation; everything is wonderful. Once you load the page, you just get lost in the feel and as I said before too, winning and losing become immaterial. The slot is compatible with all the platforms and devices. And this grandeur is one of the main reasons we love NetEnt. They give every player the opportunity to experience their finesse.

Lastly, I would say that this slot is worth playing. For people who want to have fun, they will have a blast. And for serious players, you are also going to have a blast because it gives out winning eggs like a production machine.

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