How To Win At A Casino

The adrenaline rush in a casino is beyond measure, with all its lights, music and overall vibe it is difficult not to get into the ‘gambling mode’. A casino is one place that could be a game changer for many, the game, however, could swing either way.

There have been many who have beat all odds and won a fortune while gambling at a casino. But what is equally true is that there are many more that have come to a casino and even lost all that they have. It is a fact; casinos were not built so that you earn loads of money, and in fact, have maximum odds in their favor.

But again, gambling is a game of luck, and along with that several other tricks that could greatly improve your chances of winning at the casino. Newcomers or first timers most often fall trap to the attractive casino games and end up with losses. Here is how you can turn the odds in your favor.

Deal at the table that has the most distracted dealer

This may take a certain amount of tact and observation on your part, but spend some time and gauge the dealers. Though most dealers are seasoned and experts at their jobs, when you observe well you will be able to find a dealer that seems distracted, is constantly talking to others or is a bit clumsy. This dealer is your best bet at a game of Black Jack, as he could potentially flash a card while facing down or other such errors.

Concentrate only on your gamble

A recent strategy adopted by casinos is to distract the gamblers with attractive looking skimpily clad girls. These girls are commonly smooth talkers who could distract you and end you up with a few drinks you probably didn’t need. This could break your concentration and reduce your chances of winning a game.

Know when to stop

As mentioned earlier, the casino reserves odds in their favor, even in a game of roulette. The house will have anything around a 5 percent edge. This means they might let you win the first few rounds but if you try and push your luck too far the house edge might take over and take back all the money you won.

how to win money at a casino slot machines

When it comes to slot machines, the simpler ones that only use a few pennies have the least probability of winning. That is because the house has a huge edge of around 15-20 percent in such games. Chances of winning at a table are much higher than at slot machines. However, if you insist on playing on slot machines, you might as well play on a machine that costs more, and in that play the highest bet. These slot games tend to increase your chances of winning many times more than the simple penny slot machines. Check out blog entry on best casino slots, this is a really good chance to win some decent real money

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  1. given all the pretty lights and expensive decor i think its obvious you cant win at a casino. just enjoy the sideshow


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