Sweet Alchemy Video Slot

The Sweet Alchemy slot game is based on well-known Candy Crush Saga, so it offers plenty of similarities regarding the user interface and symbols. Keep in mind that this isn’t an ordinary slot video game! It is commonly known as the next generation of slot games, and it is trendy nowadays. Betting starts with 10p, but it can reach 100 pounds so that a jackpot can be massive. Also, the game can be played on all internet capable devices. Sweet petite confectioner takes a look at this more pleasing than casino game slot.

Sweet Alchemy

The most common symbols in the game are doughnuts, beans, cubes, and cones, but you will also see stars, nuts, hearts and pastilles. The latter is present as well, but it is a particular symbol. If you form a cluster of 8 symbols or more, your winning will be 30 times multiplied (depending on your bet). All the symbols are presented on a 5×5 grid, so the number of winning combinations is enormous. However, the game has a high payout rate. Therefore it is one of the more popular games to play with professionals and experts. Let’s also add that you need 4 clusters to get winning.

Sweet Alchemy Bonuses

The bonuses you can get here are impressive no less. First of all, you will have to know that this game features just one payline, so all the bonuses are based on it. There are three candy spells which will help you win the game. They are:

Mixed candy– The game will automatically shuffle the symbols creating new lines and new possibilities.
Sweet Surprise– As the name suggests, new symbols will be added. Their accurate number is between 7 and 12.
Sweet Bombs– Between 7 and 15 symbols will be replaced with different ones.


There are free spins as well. They will range between 3 and 7, and they are based on the payline you form while playing. Also, there are three levels here as well. The second level will give you a multiplied advantage of 5 or 10 times. The third level will provide you with a total multiplier advantage of 10 times of your bet. When all the symbols get right, the multiplier option is activated to the maximum; the overall winning can be up to 3.000 times. This made the Sweet Alchemy one of the most appealing games of this kind ever.

Sweet Alchemy RTP

In the end, all we can say is that the game in question is sophisticated, different than any other and it is capable of making you a happy person, due to the fact winnings here are more than just high. Of course, all is based on the luck you will have, but let’s not forget that understanding the rules and the main aspects of the game can make a huge difference. The last, but not least, the game is simple to play. You only have to click spin, and that’s it. The electronic user interface will do all hard work for you. The Sweet Alchemy RTP is 96%

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1 thought on “Sweet Alchemy Video Slot”

  1. it’s a cascading grid. You can gain from movement-packed sweet, spells and wild powers. This slot is like Gemix or Viking runecraft, however, has a free spins feature. The grid for the duration of the bottom recreation is handiest 5×5 while the opposite comparable slots are 7×7, however, at some stage in free spins, you get the 9×9 grid with larger possibilities to win greater.

    Visually, Sweet Alchemy is brilliant, and that i like the lady who communicates and snort. Play ‘N move is well-known for the outstanding graphics in their slots. The latter is the most treasured symbol giving you 30 times your stake in case you shape a cluster of 8 or greater symbols. To get a winning mixture, you want clusters of 4 or greater symbols, the larger the cluster, the bigger the win. As a cascading slot, every win will make a contribution to the sugar rush meter. in case you fill the sugar rush meter with 6 symbols in a spin, 2 regular wilds will replace 2 symbols at the grid, this will come up with some other risk to form wins.

    if you maange to fill the sugar rush meter with thirteen symbols, 2 striped wilds will replace 2 symbols on the grid. if you form a win, all symbols on the equal row or column are eliminated. these contribute to the sugar rush meter. if you get a win with 25 symbols, 2 dotted wilds update 2 symbols at the grid and they will also put off all instances of a randomly selected image from the grid for larger wins.

    Now, if you get a win with 38 symbols, you will spark off the mix the Elixir unfastened round function. right here you will benefit from 3 sweet spells, each three extra prevailing symbols will come up with another sweet spell with a complete of seven on provide. anyway, you will play on a nine×nine grid and your intention is to accumulate the required symbols by forming clusters of them.

    that will help you form wins, the Alchemist will conjure up sweet spells. while you play a spin/cascade, a sweet spell plays out that will help you win. They encompass:
    mixed sweet – symbols on the grid shuffle to offer you new wins
    sweet marvel – among 7 and 12 wild symbols (any 1 of the three) are randomly delivered to the grid
    Sugar Bombs – among 7 and 15 ordinary symbols are chosen and destroyed which adds new symbols

    as soon as the bonus round is complete you can get a possibility to access the Elixir of power bonus wherein you could multiply your total win in the course of the unfastened rounds with up to x10. Now that is the most thrilling component and that i think the maximum exciting a part of the entire slot is the bonus features, not the base recreation in any respect. but, triggering the free spins is very smooth but a variety of lifeless spins can observe as properly. i really like this slot and I had some decent wins.


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